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Curtis Santos:

I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise with over 10 years in the field as a community advocate and activist. I have expertise in addressing social determinants of health, and how they impact low income, at risk populations in multifaceted cities. I work from a Trauma Informed Care model of service delivery, and believe that providing opportunity for clients in need contributes to building healthy communities. I am trained in crisis intervention, Psychological First Aid, Conflict Resolution, Ace’s, and complex case management skills. I have developed a curriculum to promote better student/community outcomes from a trauma informed lens. Which has been implemented in Boston Public Schools Counseling Intervention program also known as (Succeed Boston). Currently I am one of the Lead National Trainers for The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention programs also known as (The HAVI).I am also the lead staff on the Violence Intervention Advocacy Program at Boston Medical Centers Department of Justice sponsored VIAP Housing program, where the promotion of

self-sufficiency and sustainability are the keys to positive outcomes.

I am highly committed to the community, serving on the Board of Directors as the youngest member of the John P. Holland Council, a Boston non-profit that serves youth and families through community based activities, and awarding scholarships to high school youth to promote higher education. I have also served on the advisory committee for the Boston Police Departments Teen Police Academy. Which local teens are giving the opportunity to learn and train as a junior police cadets, I have also partnered with local government/City agencies to create a program called City Hero’s, where local teens are giving the opportunity to explore all city first responding agencies i.e. transit police, Ems, Boston Police department, Boston fire department.

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